A Few Reasons Not to Be So Hard on Yourself at Work

frustrated office workerYou don’t have to be a perfectionist to be too hard on yourself when it concerns your job. Making decisions is hard. And it is super easy to second guess yourself after you make them. But at the same time, it is important not to be too hard on yourself at work because; otherwise you might never get anything accomplished. Basically, you need to learn how to let it go (yeah, I know, cue the music).

Making mistakes is not desirable. But think how much more you learn when you first do it wrong. Of course, making mistakes will also hurt someone, or many someones. But the bigger issue is not whether you made the mistake, but whether you take any steps to rectify the situation or to grow from it.

So, it almost seems like it is preferable to go a bit over the edge and stop always playing it too safe. Nothing worthwhile ever comes along with this mindset.

Here is why you can make mistakes and still succeed.

  1. Almost Done Doesn’t Cut It

No one cares about how you were really close to getting the job done. People only care about the final product. Remember that even if it is taking slightly longer, you are making progress. And someone else next to you has probably not even started yet. So, who has the advantage?

  1. So, What Are Your Going to Do About It Now?

Can you grow from this situation? Making mistakes makes you stronger. It helps you approach the next situation with a new set of informed and educated eyes. This way, the mistake will not have been in vain.

Making mistakes is inevitable. You just have to face this fact. So, you need to compare yourself to your past actions and behaviors, not to others. The key is whether that mistake you made last week has been assessed and you have taken preventive steps to not make the same one in the future.

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