Are Robots the New Designers?

artificial-intelligence-robots-AI-HAL-2001-spaceAmazon has undertaken a new business venture: Artifical Intelligence designers. Using a process called, generative adversarial network (GAN), they hope to be able to design clothing through analyzing styles posted through social media and through photography. The AI program is supposed to be able to copy the design and develop new complementary ones. But what do real designers have to say about this?

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One thought on “Are Robots the New Designers?

  1. Designing is such a personal endeavor. I find it difficult to place a piece of clothing designed by AI on the same level as one designed by a human. When I design pieces, I am doing more than just putting some colors together. I am putting pieces of myself, my personality, my skill, weaving it into a cohesive design with deeper meaning. So, if it wasn’t already obvious, not such a fan of the AI designer! 🙂

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