8 Questions Your LinkedIn Profile Should Answer

Employers really do look at your LinkedIn profile. It should not be left to gather dust bunnies and cobwebs. It can be your first impression to a potential employer and you don’t even know it. Employers want to be able to find out certain bits of information about you without really having to do a lot of work.

Ask yourself these 8 questions to see if your LinkedIn profile hits high marks on the impressive scale.

1) What is Your Current Job Title and/or Position?LinkedIn Icon

This sort of seems obvious. Employers need to see your current employment details. Make it your headline on your profile to snag their attention even earlier. Also, make sure that your job title properly reflects your abilities. Think about how you describe yourself when you meet new people or discuss career-related topics. This might offer you a chance to reflect and truly express your skill set.

2) How Do You Back Up Your Job Title?

This is your chance to be as thorough as you can. This is where you present your background and qualifications. List locations, companies, titles, as well as your responsibilities. Also, try not to be too general. Since you won’t be in front of the employee offering commentary, you have to fully explain everything in your profile – for them to read, and not make them guess.

3) Are You a Strong Writer?

All of the above sections of your profile will be for naught if your writing is stinky. And if your writing skills are stinky, any potential employers will immediately see this and immediately click right on through to another candidate’s profile.

How can you instantly improve your profile? Check spelling, remove slang, or texting language, and overall poor grammar.

4) What Tools Do You Know?

Don’t just tell, show! It is critical to explain all of the software programs you have basic to advanced skills in. List tools, software programs, computer systems, and more that contribute to your experience. Also, add in how experienced you are with each tool.

5) How Do You Sell Yourself?

No one is going to sell you but you. How does your profile market your brand? Or does it? Your LinkedIn profile needs to tell employers what makes you different. This is where your creation of a tagline helps you stand out from the crowd. Also consider adding logo or design elements if you are graphically-inclined.

6) Are You Active?

Creating your profile and then letting it linger won’t help your career chances. It is important to show that you are active on the platform – through who you follow, post, etc. Make sure you stay in-the-know in your field, so it shows employers your desire to be ever-learning and gaining industry knowledge.

7) Do Others Think You Are Awesome Too?

Scoring recommendations for your skills, or be able to include quotes about your performance are strong additions to your profile. Some people may automatically offer these to you, while it is perfectly acceptable to ask trusted individuals to provide them to you.

8) What Are Your Famous for?

Don’t forget to include when you were tops! Maybe you won an award, or you raised sales or increased revenue for your company. Share the love! Tell employers through your profile. Because they aren’t going to just stumble upon it accidentally.

Polish up that Profile

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Are Robots the New Designers?

artificial-intelligence-robots-AI-HAL-2001-spaceAmazon has undertaken a new business venture: Artifical Intelligence designers. Using a process called, generative adversarial network (GAN), they hope to be able to design clothing through analyzing styles posted through social media and through photography. The AI program is supposed to be able to copy the design and develop new complementary ones. But what do real designers have to say about this?

We would love to hear your thoughts. Please comment below.


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How to Prepare for a Phone Interview

Person-to-person interviews aren’t always the go-to method for finding talent these days. To help weed out candidates, many companies employbattery-dead-cell-phone phone interviews to get to know individuals and their skills. Then after such calls, viable candidates are brought in for a face-to-face interview.

Unfortunately, not everyone takes phone interviews as seriously as they should. They mistakenly believe that they don’t need to prepare as much for these sorts of interviews. They couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Treat it like a Regular Interview
Remember that a smooth phone interview will allow you to move onto the next step in the hiring process. You want to do as well as you can and impress the individual or team on the other end of the line. Read on for helpful tips for smooth phone interview sailing.

Location, Location, Location
A whole bunch of things can go wrong during your interview (sorry…for bursting your bubble). Think dead zone, dead battery, and more. But don’t fret! Using a landline for your interview call dropped calls as can checking and double checking your phone is charged – then checking once more and having back up power just in case.
Another benefit to a landline is the presence of feedback while talking and less background noise seeping in if you are taking the call outside or in a busy place. The obvious benefit to less background noise is, of course, your interviewer has a better chance of hearing all of your awesome answers to all of their questions.

Ready, Set Breathe
Interviews are nerve wracking. Make sure you give yourself plenty of “get ready” time to breathe deeply and focus your mind. Make sure you have all of your notes in front of you for easy reference (e.g. resume, job description, company notes, etc.).

You might be tempted to try and do some multitasking while you are on the phone. Try not to. Because it will just distract you from your task at hand, namely your interview. Also, clickety, clackety, click, interviewees who type while on the call might not be such hot prospects for the company. How will they know you were doing something else? Sound travels amazingly well through phones.

Act Like you are Doing the Interview in Person
To piggyback off the remove distractions from yourself during the interview, trying imagining that the interviewer is actually there with you instead of over the phone. This might mean dressing up (rather than wearing no pants or your jammies). It is all a mental game. If you feel physically ready, you will be more likely to feel emotionally ready.

Don’t Forget Emily Post
When you are talking to the interviewer, make sure you provide clear answers and try not to mumble. Thank them for the opportunity. Exchange pleasantries. Also, don’t forget to listen. This can be just as important as talking. Let the interviewer have his or her time, as you will get yours. Also, don’t be afraid to wait a few seconds after a question is asked. The interviewer will appreciate that you are actually thinking about your answer rather than just returning canned answer after answer.

End on a High Note
Do remember to send a thank you note to the interviewer. This oh so overlooked practice will definitely make you stand out. This note can be in the form of a handwritten note or through email. Don’t rehash your qualifications in this note though. Use it as an authentic chance to thank the interviewer for the opportunity and to remind him or her of how much you are interested in the position.

Ready to Test Our Your Interview Skills?
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Change Your Career this Year With a Few Simple Steps

Making the BIG change is well…a BIG step in life and a super BIG emotional and physical change as well. But deciding not to change simply because it takes work shouldn’t hold you back. Start now and start taking steps to change your life, change your job and get yourself into a better career!

Use this handy guide and go whole to parts as you decide on your overall goal…eventually shifting to meeting with others who share similar aspirations for support…then planning…and ultimately achieving what you want.

How to Change Your Career  this Year Infographic

Source: www.classycareergirl.com

Ready for Your Career Change?

Creative Talent Management would love to meet you and help guide you to your next great position. Anytime is the right time. Take advantage of the opportunities we have to offer you. CTM has numerous technology and creative positions available for you to apply for. Your next opportunity is closer than you think. We are your source for expert talent managers. Get started today by calling one of our experienced recruiters at 800.338.4327.

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