Drudgery of Work Hindering Creativity? Banish it and Improve Your Productivity While Maintaining a Healthy Work/Life Relationship

work and life balanceWhat you do in your life is important. But your job doesn’t define you. And as many of us know all too well: Our job has a sneaky way of taking over our lives. That is why developing a balance between your work life and your home or social life is critical to success, in all these areas. But merely wanting to have free time and a successful professional career may not be the easiest balance to find.

What Does Balance Even Mean Anymore?
In today’s constant “on” society, professionals can feel overwhelmed and obligated to be available all the time. And there is a sense of guilt when you pull away and actually live your life. Can you be both “on” and “off” in your position and still be productive? Many companies subscribe and advocate for this life versus work ethic, you just need the right talent partner to help you find them. As you seek out your next step in your career, take note of the advice below to help ensure your transition runs smoothly.

Spark Your Creativity
Your energy levels need to be recharged. How you use up your energy is directly related to how it (or does not) recharge. Efficient use of time allows creative and innovative juices to flow. No more guilt about family and friend time!

Vacay Around the Block
It may sound like a motivational speech, but in the end, the most important person is you. Having a few moments or a few days to yourself is really important to your ability to focus and remain accountable in your position.

Don’t Lose Yourself (Or Actually Do)
You had a life before your job. Make note of this and remember to continue hobbies or activities you did before. Recall that sometimes employers even inquire about reading interests or hobbies during interviews to gain a better understanding of the person. To help separate yourself, try focusing on material or activities that actually have nothing to do with your job.

Cut the Cord
Okay, maybe not literally, because you will still need it to charge your devices. But unplugging from the world will make a world of difference. Set aside specific times of the day or week to leave the world of connectivity. Recharge your electronics and recharge yourself at the same time. Let the stress drain away.

Routines Beget Consistency
Knowing roughly what to expect each day has a calming effect in itself. This can mean consistent sleeping hours, regular exercise, e-mail checking cut-off times, and regular duties within the office. Mental clarity to the rescue!

Work Has a Place
Your work has a role, a very important one: It provides financial support,ability to take time off, retirement funding, and more. But these benefits can only be achieved if you adopt a work/life balance, that allows you to separate these areas and be productive in your job while enjoying the activities that make you happy.

Achieve that Balance

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