More Reasons Not to Be So Hard on Yourself at Work

Turtle Hiding in ShellLast week we told you why you shouldn’t be so hard on yourself when you make a mistake or mistakes! At work. Making errors at work should not always be considered actual errors. If you can learn from these missteps, then it is actually a good thing that they happened in the first place.

  1. There’s always next time

If you give up, you most certainly won’t ever succeed. The biggest mistake you can make is if it doesn’t turn out the way you intended the first time, keep going. Effort and motivation really can pay off.

  1. Practice makes perfect…but it doesn’t have to be perfect.

Stop asking for permission and stop overly questioning your every move. What is more important is that you just start up again and try to make it work.

Making mistakes is part of life. If you make them, and you will (we all do), it doesn’t mean you won’t be successful. Not every mistake will greatly impact your career. When you fail at something, the most logical next step and hope is that the next time you will fail a little less at it – which is a positive in itself.

So, what can you do about all of this?

Prepare. Begin your next project by acknowledging areas you might be unfamiliar with or that you might struggle with. This will give you a chance to prepare yourself. And also, don’t be afraid to ask someone for help when you need it. What is better? Make a mistake and look ridiculous rather than asking for a little help? Or, getting that help first and being the talk of the town?

It is critical that you only compare yourself to yourself, and no one else. How did you perform on a task last week? And how did you do it this week? See improvement? Point for you!

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