Reasons to Job Hunt Even if You Aren’t Actually on the Hunt

Being more informed, career-wise is never a bad thing. Even if you aren’t quite ready to leave your current position, you should make sure you brush up on your interviewing and job-seeking skills.

Being happily employed is also nothing to sneeze at either. But that doesn’t mean that opportunities might not be available when you are not really looking for them. And you need to be open to these. They offer great opportunities to learn and improve interviewing skills and potential advancement paths.

Read on for three ways to be on the job hunt even if you are not actually on the hunt.

Assess Your Current Situation

You are probably pretty happy with your current situation, or at least you tolerate it. But take a look at your old job posting for your current position. Do you feel that you fulfill all the qualifications? Now find the same job posting from a competitor. Again, could you step into the same role at another company? Now find a job posting for a step up from your current position. Are you currently building your brand and qualifications to be a better more skilled professional?

Take those ever-important keywords in those job postings and use them to your advantage. When you know exactly what the next steps are in your career, it becomes easier to develop those skills and increases your networking chances and ability to pursue continuing professional development.

Keep Your Trajectory Always Going Up

While you have those comparable job postings available, ask yourself if this is where you intended to be at this point in your career. If you aren’t quite there yet, are you still on track to get there? You simply want your time to mean something. Your career is a big part of your life and you want every opportunity to help you get a step higher than you were before. If you think you are missing a skill, how can you learn more about it and add it to your resume?

Grow, Grow, Grow

Now grab that old job description again (the one for your current position). Assess your growth (or lack thereof). Have you grown in your position, in terms of responsibilities, salary, skills, etc.? This is a chance to sort of audit your current professional situation – whether you are happy or not.

Researching job postings might seem like only something to do when you are actively looking to change jobs. But the details included within them offer a plethora of information to help you assess growth potential in your job and to help you see exactly where to take your next professional step.

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