I Love My Job…I Hate My Job…I Love My Job…

First off, your job and your life are separate entities. You can love your job and you can enjoy what you do and still be successful. You can even only mildly enjoy it, but if you take it seriously, you will be successful because you understand how important it is. That being said, what would you assess as your level of “love” for your current job?

Check out the infographic below. Maybe you aren’t as unhappy as you might think. And if you start applying yourself more at your work, you may start gaining more skills and experience, making you the perfectly skilled candidate for that new job you have been thinking of.

Of course, your level of “love” for your job might still be pretty tepid. If this is the case, contact us to get started with Creative Talent Management. Search our open positions and let us help you secure your next great position.

11 Things That Prove You Love Your Career [Infographic]

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Change Your Career this Year With a Few Simple Steps

Making the BIG change is well…a BIG step in life and a super BIG emotional and physical change as well. But deciding not to change simply because it takes work shouldn’t hold you back. Start now and start taking steps to change your life, change your job and get yourself into a better career!

Use this handy guide and go whole to parts as you decide on your overall goal…eventually shifting to meeting with others who share similar aspirations for support…then planning…and ultimately achieving what you want.

How to Change Your Career  this Year Infographic

Source: www.classycareergirl.com

Ready for Your Career Change?

Creative Talent Management would love to meet you and help guide you to your next great position. Anytime is the right time. Take advantage of the opportunities we have to offer you. CTM has numerous technology and creative positions available for you to apply for. Your next opportunity is closer than you think. We are your source for expert talent managers. Get started today by calling one of our experienced recruiters at 800.338.4327.

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Make Your Portfolio Stand Out from the Crowd

interview with design portfolioThe design industry is ever growing. But with this growth comes competition from other creatives who want the jobs just as much as you do. How can you make your experience and creativity stand out in the crowd of portfolios? Consider these tips to help snag that job before someone else does.

1. Choose Wisely
You may have a lot of great work in your portfolio, but sharing too much of it will only be like white noise. Additionally, throwing everything all together won’t be selective or personalized enough to the jobs you are applying for. Generally, you want to choose pieces of work that are an expression of your best self, your best talent, and clearly illustrate your level of experience.

Variety is the spice of life. You also want to offer prospective companies examples of a range of your talent—what you have worked on, software, and creative desires. Try to include projects that not only illustrate the kind of skills you possess, but also your experience and your growth potential.

Always customize your portfolio. Depending on the type of position you are applying for, the work you include in your portfolio should reflect as closely as you can, the work you would be doing in the desired job.

2. Improve Your Surroundings
Portfolios need not always be official work you were paid for. Use your design skills on an existing small brand and see where it takes you. Without client constraints, you might be amazed as to the creativity that can flourish. Undertaking your own branding and marketing project for your portfolio shows to a prospective company your ability to address more than just the visual aspects of design.

3. Follow Your Passion
When you are applying for a creative position, you obviously want to show that you are adaptable and can work in a variety of mediums. But following this method too closely might result in you being hired to do creative work that just doesn’t excite you. So, in your portfolio, include projects illustrating the kind of work you feel more passionate about or in the direction you wish to move in your field. It is a fine line to walk on, showing potential employers that you can adapt but also showing them where your best skills lie.

4. Tell a Story with Your Portfolio
The end result is not the only important aspect of design. Include your design process with your projects. This tells the employer how you approach the creative process and your thought strategies. Employers want to know how your workflow will blend with the current creative strategy employed within the company.

You could also even include references from clients concerning various projects you have done. This illustrates your ability to communicate with clients and to blend their visions with your own.

5. Mediums and Platforms
Make sure that your creative designs get properly presented in their original platform or medium. This means that phone app designs should be presented as an image on an actual phone. Digital designs could be shown via a quick video. If you utilized brochures, make sure that the final product is presented in this way. Showing a variety of platforms shows ability to learn and ability to adapt.

6. Sell Yourself
No one is going to sell “you,” but YOU. You must use your portfolio to tell your story. Explain your projects in a clear and concise manner, including professional background information as well as your experience. Explain your creative and technical skills and how you acquired these. Your potential employer wants to learn about you and the passion you can bring to various projects. Create that perfect portfolio today and let your creativity and design shine through.

Let Your Portfolio Be the One
Now that you know the secret to making your portfolio stand out, create it today as you apply for one of our many talent offerings available through Creative Talent Management. Your next opportunity is closer than you think. We are your source for expert talent managers. Get started today by calling one of our experienced recruiters at 800.338.4327.

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