What to do if Your Interviewer is 12 Years Old

baby-working on a computerLet’s say that you snagged the next step in a great job opportunity from Creative Talent Management. You are preparing for the interview and discover that the person who will quiz you is much much younger. Your nerves begin to tremble and you begin to worry about the entire meeting. How can you present yourself so that you don’t appear as know-it-all? Here are some tips for making a great impression.

The Elephant in the Room

You can assume that the interviewer has at least half a brain, so don’t start out the interview by bringing attention to their age either. Don’t insult them by being amazed that they could get to where they are even though they are so young. This is not a strong start.

Keeping Up with the Industry

Your youngin’ interviewee might assume that you have little to no knowledge of industry trends and thought leaders. Insert pertinent points about these so you alert them to the fact that you are in touch with the trends and care about continuing to grow in the position.

Keep it Recent

Unfortunately, a lot of people generally have little interest in things that happened before they were born. This relates to possible career points that have occurred maybe while your interviewer was a baby. Focus your experience on the most recent 10 years of your career. This way, you can show how perfect and qualified you are for the job, without appearing to be over-qualified.

Use Your Age to Your Advantage

Being older means you most definitely have experiences your interviews won’t. You will likely be able to showcase your ability management skills, budget allocation, and big successful business decisions you have made.

You need to be able to show your younger interviewer that your age is truly a number. If either party gets the impression that they are stuck in their ways or forcing new methods just for the sake of them, the partnership won’t work. Focus on the skills and experience of everyone involved.

Positives of Being at Your Previous Company for Decades 

Loyalty to your previous company is a good thing. But a different generation might see it differently. Explain to your interviewer the numerous opportunities you took to team-build, collaborate, and be flexible during your tenure. This will illustrate that you are willing and able to continue these excellent skills in this new position.

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Snag that Promotion Today

handshake-business-promotionIt is human nature to always want a bit more (i.e. more money, higher social standing, better position or more responsibility). But wanting these is only part of the equation. You might even feel ungrateful because your current position isn’t really terrible, but you have an underlying feeling that where you currently are in your career isn’t quite enough.

You might have your eyes on a higher position or on another job. Regardless of your aspirations or perceived inadequacies in your job, consider the following tips to help you achieve that promotion.

Stay Positive
Thinking of rising above your current position while continuing your current workload is a daunting task. It sounds like a motivational speech; but it really is critical to maintain a positive outlook while in your current setting. Promotions don’t go to Debbie Downers. Constant frustration at work takes your mind off current performance and pulls you further back from successfully completing important projects.

Quick Put on a Happy Face Tip? Try calming yourself by taking a few moments to reflect—in the morning and then in the afternoon. Take some deep breaths or take a quick walk outside to clear your head.

Find Someone Who Actually Knows What they are Doing
Seek out someone in your own company (or through a friend at another company) who has gone through all these career-enlightening experiences before. You can find a mentor through both formal and informal avenues. Above all, seek out someone who likes, trusts and believes in you already, and who you can really talk freely with (i.e. not a stranger). Conversation runs both ways. A mentor needs to feel that he or she can offer up constructive criticism as well as helpful advice.

Quick Find an Expert Tip? When searching for a mentor, it is also helpful to seek out higher level professionals. People at higher levels have obviously been there longer which means they likely hold greater insight into the company overall.

Be Your Own Advocate
When you are on the path to a promotion, you need to be the one who is doing most of the pushing. Also, if you are the one behind a successful project, own up! It can be intimidating to step up, especially if someone else steals your thunder, but make sure you receive credit where credit is due.

Quick Get Yourself Noticed Tip? Track your projects and accomplishments. By specifically writing them down, you will be able to freely discuss them during promotion opportunities.

Do it for Free!
Well, maybe, not really work for free, but showing your desire to take on more responsibility illustrates to senior staff great potential. But of course, you probably already have plenty of actual paid work that fills up your time. Finding other projects to work on can help you develop other pertinent skills.

Quick Way to Volunteer Tip? Research potential volunteer opportunities within your own section as well as outside your department. Use these as chances to compare skills needed for these projects and compare with those currently utilized with existing projects.

Be a Never-Ending Learner
Improve your business know-how and show your employer you are serious about a promotion. Employers always want the most qualified individual to fill a position. Be that prime candidate by participating in a variety of learning outlets.

Quick Knowledge-Gaining Tip? Seek out seminars, conferences, and online courses to enhance understanding of your industry.

Ready to Snag?
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