Read Between the Lines to Find the Company Culture that Best Fits You

career company cultureIf that elegantly-phrased job description sounds too good to be true, it might   be time to also start considering what the daily work environment would actually look like—to see if the company would really be a good fit.

You know when you find the perfect eatery: ambiance, check; tasty, check; price, check; location…um, you invoke the fifth. Two out of three may not be bad, but the novelty of having to drive to a shady part of town to get your fix will probably soon wear off.

This same principle applies to finding the right working environment or taking your next step in your career. If you feel like you can’t fit in or feel  comfortable in your surroundings, the rest of the experience will be tainted.  Incorporate these approaches in your job search and figure out how to read  between the lines in that job description—to meet your perfect match.

Communicate Your Needs…Don’t Force Them into a Match
You need to ask yourself where you see yourself in the near future? Don’t overdo it though and try to plan every detail decades in the future. Instead, ask yourself in more realistic terms: Where do you see yourself in five years? And what exactly about the company offering the position peaks your interest? In essence, your career wants need to be assessed separately from the needs expressed within the job description.

You might think that the only way you will land the job is if you mold yourself to the company. This is not to say that you should ignore their wants, because of course you still need to convince them you are the right hire. But while you are considering the job description, also match these needs to what you want in your career. You might find it hard to continually work at something you only pretended to enjoy doing just for the sake of the interview.

Honesty is the Best Policy
We all need to work, but we don’t need to settle. As you peruse a potential job description, you probably get excited about all of the potential, and all of the responsibilities you would have. Again, assess these with your own personal career path.

Ask yourself what impact this specific career path will have on your future? For the better? A few steps back? Either one could be okay, depending on your personal goals. Additionally, consider job location too and how this new set of responsibilities will impact your current routine.

Interview the Environment
To continue the assessment of the potential job and your current career situation, you must also consider the actual working environment you would be in. Short of working in the actual office, you are obviously limited in really finding out what it is like. But you can use your very own senses to gain a bunch of information. What does the space look like (e.g. cubicles, separate offices, etc.)? Are there a disproportionate number of sour pusses walking around? These seemingly innocent observations can yield a plethora of information of the working atmosphere.

Beyond your visual acuity, an interview in the actual work setting offers a chance to discover leadership tactics and company philosophy. By asking a manager these questions, you can gauge how the job would fit in within these parameters. Recall, that when people leave jobs, it is often because of leadership differences.

Find Your Company Fit with the Right Partner
Your next opportunity is closer than you think. Tap into the right network to connect with the key decision makers in the hiring process. Your job doesn’t need to be just where you work. Spend time assessing the culture of a company so it fits you as much as you fit it.

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