Introverted Jobs for Introverted People


The sounds of silence. Aren’t they wonderfully soothing? Let’s hear it for the sweet sound of silence. Last week, we checked out the top jobs for loud extroverts. But what about the quiet corner? Here are some picks for the more introverted of the lot.

Many companies tout all of the social aspects and supposed perks of working with them. To some, these activities might as well as be nightmares: lots of new people, lots of activity, etc. For those who prefer their own company or more subdued surroundings with a few friends, there are plenty of positions and companies out there that promote peace and quiet and offer an environment where strong focused work and creativity can flourish.


What: As a writer, you create content and copy for a variety of mediums: ads, blogs, scripts, magazines, emails, books, and more. You need to possess research skills and also might edit and organize copy.

Education: Bachelor’s degree in English, Communications, or Journalism

Location: Remote, telecommuting, and in-office are all possible situations. Travel may be required to interview or to perform research.


Computer Programmer

What: Implement various designs that have been coded by software engineers as well as developers. Act as a QA tester for these programs too.

Education: Associate’s Degree; Bachelors of Science in Computer Science; knowledge of programming languages.

Location: Telecommuting and in-office situations.



What: Accountants manage financial statements and reports. You can specialize in certain industries or services.

Education: Bachelor’s degree in Accounting; a few additional certifications.

Location: Telecommuting, in-office, with travel to specific client offices.



What: In this job, you take the designs of engineers and architects and convert them into technical drawings. You employ software to make the most detailed and accurate depictions you can.

Education: Associate’s degree; technical school training.

Location: Usually in-office with the engineers and architects; in the field with these same individuals.


Lab Technician

What: Analyze bodily fluids with tests and procedures. You might specialize in bacteria, blood, or the immune system. Goal is to find treatment for these abnormalities.

Education: Associate’s degree; more often a Bachelor’s degree is required; specific licensing is also needed.

Location: Hospital setting or lab.


Market Research Analyst

What: Perform research about consumer opinions on products and present this data and analysis in graphs, charts, etc. Your goal is to offer insight to companies and the marketplace.

Education: Bachelor’s degree along with analytical skills.

Location: Act as a consultant, so you work independently for many companies – remote or in-office settings would be common.


Introvert or Extrovert…We’ve Got You Covered

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