Skills You Need to Get Ahead in Your Creative Career

SEO Search Engine OptimizationWant your resume to shoot to the top of the pile on the hiring manager’s desk? Sometimes it seems that everyone and their dog is a designer, or artist. Differentiating yourself from this crowd is necessary if you want to rise to the top, stand out, and snag that job.

Bag of Tricks

Although design and creativity may be your strongpoints, this doesn’t mean that you should neglect other relatable skills. You need marketing and communication skills too. Take for instance the necessary skill to produce a music record. In addition to music arrangement knowledge, overall management knowhow is essential in the creative market. You need to showcase your abilities while also honing certain hard skills. Read on to know exactly what skills to hone.

But I Design…Not Write

Writing is a skill not to be neglected, even if you only focus on design. In every position, there are many opportunities to write, from Twitter, to your resume, portfolio bio, and more. These are often the first interactions potential employers have with you too. Start by going over all of the online writing that you have. If the words don’t capture your attention, they probably won’t capture the attention of an employer. So, how can you become a stellar writer? You might not do it overnight. But taking a few writing classes from your local university or seeking out online courses can do wonders for you.

Market Yourself

No one is going to sell you but you. If you think your own personal website would be just the ticket, check out tutorials on WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla. There is so much information available out there to help you get started with a website or blog. Then work on your digital marketing skills as you compose copy that optimizes SEO—to encourage visitors to find your content.

SEO It to the Max

Understanding Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a critical skill. Peruse sites like Google’s blog or Moz Blog to learn more about current SEO trends and lingo. SEO is the kind of background knowledge that should roll off the tongue in the creative world. The seemingly randomness of the world wide web is not so random. If you just expect potential clients to magically find you, don’t hold your breathe. Instead, search smart and post smart. Link your website or link your portfolio up with active creative organizations (e.g. the right talent network).

When All Else Fails, Learn it Again!

We already mentioned that writing is important even if you are a designer. So, what about if your forte is writing and graphics just aren’t your thing? You must face the fact that visuals are simply remembered more than text. So, try to hone your eye for design. Start with infographics. Take your engaging text and double its interest level through a visual telling.

Practice makes perfect too. You didn’t become a master writer overnight; so, don’t expect to master design software overnight either. But getting yourself more acquainted with these programs will help your content become that much more powerful. You can also have more control over your copy this way. If you yourself have graphic ideas or layouts for the content, you can ensure it stays truer to what you had originally intended.

Ready to Get Ahead?

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