There’s No Free Lunch…But that’s a Good Thing

office company perksWhat exactly makes for an inspiring company to work for? Sleeping cubicles? Arcade games, a few parties during the year? These are all no doubt awesome perks to have at a company; but these are not sustainable. And they don’t really encourage devotion on the part of employees. So, what does actually make a great company to work for?

Companies have to demonstrate that they stand for something—and this must be present at various levels of the company. Does your company get gold stars for the following traits? Read on and compare. If you think that you might be more productive in a different work environment than the one you’re in, maybe it’s time to change things up!

Ideas are Desired
Let’s face it. It feels good when people actually listen to you, and when your ideas are considered as viable options. Successful companies, both in operations and in the eyes of the employees, recognize their employees. By doing so, employees remain more engaged in their position and are more likely to consider the work they are doing important—because they feel valued. Basically, if your company cannot be bothered to provide some acknowledgment of your contributions, consider seeking out a position that won’t sap your energy and turn you into an automaton.

Beggars Can be Choosers
Equal opportunity discussions aside, employees want and need dependable people around them. and if your company fills its positions with warm bodies, your job will soon encompass someone else’s, but without monetary compensation.

Companies need to know who is working there. Getting to know employees before hire and during employment, gives them the sense of belonging. And current employees get a sense that they now have support, and not more work to undertake and cover. Co-workers may not always be your best friend; but nails-on-a -chalkboard situation don’t help anyone either. Each new individual who joins a company should be properly vetted, for the benefit of all.

Reason for Being
This might sound awfully dramatic, but companies need a purpose and they need to know it. Employees then need to be aware of their daily goals in the office and their own purpose within the company—a sort of parts-to-whole assessment of their job. Unsure if your company really has this? Ask yourself these questions: What does my company offer society? What is are target audience? What is the impact of our solutions? Consistent and precise answers to these questions will ensure that your company is pretty solid, and that you understand your role within the broader picture.

You might be saying that, sure, the company mission is seen every day, on a shiny sign as you enter the building. Heck, our business cards remind us and society all the time. But, in order to be successful, companies have to live their mission statement and strategically plan for it on a regular basis.

1st Step: Admit there is a Problem
Closing one’s eyes and ears is always a convenient method to “un-see” the problems that surround us. But if your company is more aware of potential issues that are bubbling over, for example, much quicker action can take place. Additionally, change comes faster when critical employees are included in the decision-making process. Of course, too many cooks in the kitchen can have the opposite effect.

Do as I Do, not as I Say
You know the best and easiest way to get people around you to do what you want? First, do it yourself! Your company should have leaders within it that value integrity. Employees want to know those around and above them are most concerned with being efficient, productive, and fostering a positive working environment.

Pool tables, coffee bars, and more are fun to have at work. But are those gadgets really keeping you there? And if they really are the only reason you keep coming, it is time to sit down (in one of the comfy bean bag chairs) and figure out where you want your career to go next.

Still Looking for that Inspiring Company to Work For?
Your next opportunity is closer than you think. Tap into the right network to connect with the key decision makers in the hiring process. Need help looking for a company that values you and your contribution?

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