TMI: Social Media Sabotage

social media icons on a cellphone screenSociety is full of over-sharers. And the internet and the advent of social media has allowed this to blossom beyond anything anyone imagined. But having so many personal details posted online can have a detrimental effect when searching for a job. What is one to do?

Don’t be naive

Whether you like or not, hiring managers are looking you up on the world wide web. And you cannot really blame them. They want to know who they are hiring. So, why make it easier for companies to pass you by when you embarrass yourself through your social media accounts?

Where are you online?

You probably can quickly name off your most frequently visited social media sites. But you should also search yourself on the rest of the web to find what is really out there. What you don’t know can indeed hurt you.

You might be thinking what do these hiring managers find to be negative content? Most of it is pretty obvious. If you have pictures of you consuming drugs, posting inappropriate comments, naysaying previous employers, and just generally behaving in an unprofessional manner, potential employers won’t take the time to get your explanation. They’ll just move on to the next candidate.

Go in a hole

Although your social media accounts can be your downfall, this doesn’t mean that you go under a rock. It can be just as bad to be invisible on the internet, as it is to be all over it. The key is to be professional about what you post. You are a professional. Take you career seriously. And companies will do the same.

Ready for a smart social media decision?

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